GPS for Hunters

nelson_spotYou’ve been hunting all your life. You know you’re favorite hunting spot like the back of your hand. What do you need GPS for?

The answer: GPS could save your life.

Having a line of communication can be a vital key to survival at a remote location. Most GPS tracking devices, like SPOT Satellite Messenger, have an alarm which can be activated in case of emergency. No need to worry about being stranded after an injury when hunting alone, out there where no one knows your exact location. With the press of a button, you can send a signal to alert emergency personnel and your loved ones immediately, from anywhere in the world, even without cell service.

The advantages of GPS tracking devices are numerous and it certainly couldn’t hurt for hunters to make them a part of their survival kit. In addition to using them as a life-saving tool, they’re also fun.

SPOT provides location-based one-way messaging that transmits your GPS position and status, marks waypoints and tracks your progress on Google Maps. Friends and loved ones can track your adventure from home!

Both SPOT Satellite Messenger and SPOT Connect are available in our Ski Haus and Hunting departments. We also carry the Delorme inReach 2-way satellite communicator.

For more information contact a sales associate at 755-6484.