Neff has landed!

New to the Sportsman: Neff Apparel and Accessories! 

Neff is supported by some of the biggest snowboarders, skateboarders and surfers in the world, and  has emerged as the leader in the youth accessory and apparel market. Neff is all about offering a fun and unique product to the youth of today. “We are like a gumball machine; spitting out endless flavors for the world to consume,” stated Shaun Neff when asked to describe Neff Headwear. Neff has expanded its product offering to categories such as watches, eyewear and apparel and the sky is the limit for the NEFF BRAND. More about Neff.

Since carrying the Neff line in June 2012, the Sportsman & Ski Haus has had a huge response from our customers. We’re bringing in more Neff wear products in August, and are excited to offer the new fall line. Keep checking back for new stuff.