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Ski Cruncher Sale!

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Early morning line in front of the Sportsman.

First In Line

Ski Cruncher 2013 September 7th – 17th!

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It’s the first sign of ski season in northwest Montana!

Get door busting buys on all kinds of ski and snowboard gear and clothing. Huge discounts on last year’s equipment! Tons of giveaways and prizes! New gear at special sale prices! Spectacular buys on all types of equipment and accessories!

Serious skiers and boarders turn into serious shoppers for ski cruncher. A few hardy souls camp out in front of the doors overnight to make sure they get the bargains they’ve had their eyes on. As early morning comes the line grows and grows until 9am when the doors open. Ski reps come into town for the event and work shoulder to shoulder with Ski Haus employees to make sure everyone is taken care of. Ski Cruncher

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