The Gun Corner: Sako TRG 42

By John RobertsonsakoTRG42Finland.  Not always the first country people think of when discussing the highest quality rifles in the world.

But it turns out that the Finns are obsessed with making not just the best rifles, but ammunition and reloading components as well.  VihtaVouri, Lapua, Tikka and of course, Sako are brands you may have heard of that come out of Finland and are all at the top of their categories in quality and performance.

We in the Gun Department at the Sportsman are very proud to present the legendary TRG 42, chambered, appropriately enough, in Lapua’s own 338LM.

If you are not familiar with the 338 Lapua Magnum round, it currently holds the world record of 2,707 yds. (over 1.5 miles) for the longest sniper kill ever by Corporal Rob Furlong in Afghanistan.

The TRG was designed by Sako to provide the ultimate extreme long range precision platform.  It has a fully adjustable length of pull and cheekrest.  It also offers a short, smooth 60 degree bolt lift for super fast cycling.  A muzzle brake keeps things reasonable in the recoil department and proprietary metal TRG mags insure trouble-free feeding.

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