Onewheel is in The Haus!

Inspired by the feeling of snowboarding on powder, Onewheel combines a powerful hub motor with sensor technology to create a fluid riding experience on and off-road. Riders can accelerate up to 15 miles per hour and go 6-8 miles per charge.

As one of the first Onewheel retailers in the area, Sportsman Ski Haus remains on the cutting edge of the boardsports industry.  “The first thing you’ll notice when you get on Onewheel is that it’s simultaneously familiar and unlike anything you’ve ever ridden,” explained Onewheel inventor and Future Motion CEO Doerksen. “The technology enables it to ride much more smoothly than a skateboard and carve turns like on a snow or surfboard.”

OneWheel Demo

To find out more about OneWheel or to Schedule a Demo, call 406-755-6484 ext. 240. Or fill out this form and a OneWheel expert will get in touch with you shortly.