As a rule, for a technical garment to be comfortable and convenient, fit is all-important. Fit ensures that cuffs extend the right distance over the hand, depending on the activity; that the jacket doesn’t ride up when you raise your arms; and that pant knees accommodate the natural flex of the legs. We therefore design our product patterns so that when the pieces of fabric are assembled, they form an ergonomic build – matching users’ bodyshape and not restricting their movements.

But the curved shape of our neck is hard, and even impossible, to follow using conventional pattern-making techniques, due to the stiffness of the zippers we use. When the collar’s up, this rigidity causes rubbing on the chin (serious powder + hood = irritated skin!) and lots of air around the neck, which is bad news for keeping warmth in.

Faced with this obstacle, we held meetings then undertook a long-term project with YKK, our supplier (and world-leading zipper maker), to create a zipper that would put an end to the problem.