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logo-editors-choice-snow-awardEver wish you could map your adventure so that your friends and loved ones could track wherever you go? Delorme inReach Two-Way Satellite Communicator makes it easy to do just that.

Delorme inReach two-way satellite communicators enable you to send and receive text messages, trigger an SOS for help, and track your GPS coordinates wherever your trip takes you. It keeps you connected when you’re off the grid and outside of cell phone range.

You can follow our very own Sportsman employee Tanner Babcock on her rafting trip down the Rio Maranon in Peru via her DeLorme inReach SE.

TRACK TANNER HERE and see for yourself how the inReach SE works.

We carry the Delorme inReach SE and Explorer as well as the SPOT Satellite Messenger and the SPOT Connect in our Ski Haus dept.

For more information contact a Ski Haus sales associate at 755-6484 ext.240.

RÍO MARAÑON: The Grand Canyon of the Amazon

RÍO MARAÑON: The Grand Canyon of the Amazon

A little more about Tanner’s trip…
The Maranon River (Rio Maranon) is the mainstem source of the Amazon River and flows through a canyon comparable in many ways to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona. It is also home to many of the Aguaruna nation (an Amazon tribe) and others living in ranches and villages along the upper canyons.  Due to its unique status as the source of the largest river in the world and its other outstanding attributes, the Maranon merits protection from a series of 20 hydroelectric dams that are planned along the river.

The construction of these dams will disrupt the major hydro-logical source of the Amazon, alter normal silt deposition into the river, destroy habitat and migration patterns for fish and other aquatic life, displace thousands of residents along the river, and destroy a national treasure at least as nice as the Grand Canyon in the USA.

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