Bree Hikes

breeTackling The Pacific Crest Trail, a 2700 mile hike that stretches from Mexico to Canada, is not a task that just anyone could complete. It takes a certain kind of grit to face down this journey. Kalispell resident and teacher, Bree of Bree Hikes“, has done just that.

She started hiking May 5, 2013 at the Mexican border headed towards Canada with the goal to finish the trail before the first day of school this fall.  Most people complete this trek  in about 150 days, but  Bree only has 110 days to play with before returning to her job as teacher. Needless to say, to reach her goal she has to move fairly quickly.

When the Sportsman & Ski Haus heard about her adventure we knew we wanted to support her and helped her stock up on some of the supplies she would need to take-on this task.

You can help too or just simply follow her 2700 mile adventure at breehikes.com.

Good luck Bree and happy trails!