We’re big on family here at the Sportsman & Ski Haus. As an employee-owned company, we consider our customers part of our extended family. When you come to us for a product or a service, we want you to be satisfied. It’s an old concept . . . treating one another fairly and with honesty. 

If something's not performing, holding up, or fitting as you believe it should, let us know. We'll follow up with the company of its origin, or take care of it ourselves if it's not otherwise covered. Our guarantee covers our services as well; including Custom Boot Fitting, Ski & Snowboard Mounting, Ski, Snowboard and Bike Tuning & Repair, Firearm & Archery Services, and Golf Club Fitting. We’ll even back our golf lessons, based on Trackman analysis.

* To make returns and exchanges easy, please include your receipt with the item(s). If you do not have your receipt, give us as much information about the purchase as possible. If we can’t locate a record of it we’ll reimburse you with a merchandise credit for the current selling price or replace the item. 

There are certain situations where we may require a receipt or decline a return or exchange:
  • Items with no label or an item that has been defaced
  • Items that we have not carried or sold or that were not purchased from us
  • Rarely, based on the nature of prior transactions
  • Items that are soiled or contaminated, until they have been cleaned
  • Items lost or damaged due to fire, flood or natural disaster
  • Returns on ammunition