No Shave November Beard Contest Results

Votes from the poll on our Facebook page and the poll on our Website have been counted and combined. Total number of votes and the percent of votes are listed below. Congrats to our top 3 winners and thanks for participating in our Beard contest!

Votes % of Votes
Jared Lynch  175  24.0%
Jon Hartig  172  23.6%
Scott Knuth  161  22.1%
Nate Herset  98  13.4%
Todd Muraoka  49  6.7%
Mike Perrin  33  4.5%
Phil Carl  15  2.1%
Patrick Furey  8  1.1%
Garrett Herron  8  1.1%
Justin Johannes  5  0.7%
Taylor Streit  4  0.5%
Allen Schei  1  0.1%
Tim Johnson  1  0.1%
Total Votes: 730

Jared Lynch – 1st Place!

Jon Hartig – 2nd Place!

Scott Knuth – 3rd Place!


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  1. Scott


  2. lune

    Nice Beard Battle! A nail biter to the end!

  3. Jon

    How does one win a beard contest without growing a beard (Jared)? 🙂

    1. lune

      Well I think it was about the favorite beard, obviously not the best beard. There were only a few choices for best beard in my mind. But the fans have spoken. They got their fav.

    2. Scott

      no s#$t

      1. Garrett

        hey lune i think you did a great job putting this on, i appreciate all the hard work

        1. lune

          It was a lot of fun. Thanks for your participation!

    3. Allen

      How do politicians win elections?

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