Track Ginjer


SPOT satellite messenger set up on  the sail boat.

Ever wish you could map your adventure so that your friends and loved ones could track wherever you go? SPOT Satellite Messenger makes it easy to do just that.

SPOT provides location-based one-way messaging and emergency notification technology that allows you to communicate from remote locations around the globe. Whether you like to hunt, go backpacking, skiing, or just enjoy trekking into the back country, SPOT Satellite messenger notifies your friends and family, as well as Search and Rescue teams, of your GPS position and status, marks waypoints and tracks your progress on Google Maps.

You can follow our very own Ski Haus employee Ginjer on her sailing voyage from Hawaii to San Diego, CA via her SPOT Satellite messenger.

TRACK GINJER HERE and see for yourself how SPOT works.

Both the SPOT Satellite Messenger and the SPOT Connect are available in our Ski Haus dept. We also carry the Delorme inReach 2-way satellite communicator.

For more information contact a Ski Haus sales associate at 755-6484 ext.240.

The sail boat of Ginjer's journey before it set sail out of Nawiliwili Bay in Hawaii.

The sail boat before it set sail out of Nawiliwili Bay in Hawaii.