If you've been thinking about a concealed carry permit, THIS is the class you want! Saturday, October 5th, 9am to 6pm at the Kalispell store, USCCA certified instructor, Will Parker of Freddie Merc's Gun Wercs, will educate you, enthrall you, and prepare you for all aspects of concealed carry and home defense. This is a premium USCCA class. Will Parker has hundreds of hours training, nearly a quarter century of instructing experience and over a decade of competitive shooting. Class exceeds Montana and Utah concealed weapon permit training requirements. Includes one hour of one-on-one shooting instruction at a local gun range plus a $10 Sportsman Bucks Card upon completion of the class. Basic cost is $150.00 with an additional $25 for Utah permit. We are so confident of your satisfaction that we cover it with our money-back guarantee of value. Sign yourself or someone you love up today. Register by Friday, October 4th at the Kalispell store customer service counter.


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